TOYOTA 11/41 crown wheel and pinion
March 11, 2019
PS100 Canter Fuso differential kits
March 11, 2019

NKR Diff Gear kit

NPR Differential Spider Kit

Compose  Differential case,Differential flange part,Crown and  pinion,Small differential,Bearings
 Car make  NPR,TFR,D-MAX
 Speed ratio  7*39,7*41,7*43.6*37


 Pinion length  225mm(For NPR)
 Ring gear inner diameter  200mm(For NPR)
 Ring gear outer diameter  292mm(For NPR)
 Material(housing)  Nodular cast iron
 Material(gears)  20CrMnTiH3
 Axle spline teeth  19T/20T/23T

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