11/43 Differential Assy for Wuling 28S
March 13, 2019
9/43 differential for Wuling N300 1.5L
March 13, 2019

differential 10:43 OE2402000N300L for Wuling 1.5L 28

Wuling auto parts OE 2402000N300L automobile differential for Wuling

Different OE, different capacity,and different OE,the half axle gear and final drive ratio is also diferent.if needed,please contact us
OE capacity
2402000NA-02 1.2L
2402000N300-04 1.5L
2402000N300L 1.2L
2402000N300L-02 1.2L
2402000N300L-01 1.5L
2402000N300P 1.2L
2402000N300-07 1.5L
2402000N310 1.2L

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