How to disassemble the EQ1061 differential assembly when repairing it
May 14, 2019
Spare Parts Differential Assembly For Ratio 8/39
May 14, 2019

The structure of the differential assembly is a planetary gear set structure

The differential assembly is a very important automotive accessory used in our cars, and its structure has a very strong relationship with its function. So how much do we know about its use? What is the effect of its use, the following is a detailed introduction by our staff.
With the continuous development of our automotive industry, the use of our auto parts is also very important, its use effect is very unique, the total achievement of the differential is a very good auto parts produced by our company. . It is also composed of a number of parts, the structure used is a planetary gear set structure, this product structure can make it play a good use effect. When the vehicle is going straight, this product can transmit the opposite torque to the two half shafts. If one driving wheel is suspended, if the transmission shaft rotates at a constant speed, the driving wheel with adhesion will have no driving force. The drive shaft is a drive wheel that accelerates and has traction. The driving force of the vehicle is equivalent to the product of the angular velocity of the suspended wheel and the moment of inertia. In the case of slipping of the vehicle, the torque direction connecting the two half shafts of the component is opposite, providing the vehicle with a forward driving force. Only the inner wheel, the planet carrier and the inner sun gear are driven at equal speed. Become a reduction drive.
The above content is our introduction to the knowledge of the differential assembly. It is a new type of product mainly produced by our company. The effect is very outstanding. If you are interested in our products, you can call us. The hotline is like consulting us.


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