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April 17, 2019
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April 17, 2019

How to dismantle the 1061 differential assembly repair

1061 differential assembly

In the normal driving process, the car needs a lot of parts to work together. Today, the total achievement of the 1061 differential introduced to us is an indispensable part of our vehicles. So how much do we know about the product? Let’s introduce it to our staff below.

Although the 1061 differential assembly plays a very important role in our cars. However, it will also have some faults in the process of use. Then we can’t avoid repairing it.
When repairing the differential assembly, we first remove the part from the rear axle of the vehicle and then decompose it, which can be mainly decomposed into the main and passive gears of the reducer;

By removing the nut on the differential assembly and removing the nut, the left and right shells can be separated, and the parts such as the side gear and the planetary gear can be taken out. The next step is to clean the parts of the differential and check for signs of wear and damage. If necessary, replace the parts with new ones. When performing the loading, proceed in the reverse order described above, but pay attention to the matching marks of the original, especially the left and right housing alignment marks of the differential.
Through the above we introduce the relevant knowledge of the 1061 differential assembly. I believe that we all have a new understanding of it. Its effect is very obvious. It is very helpful for our car to drive normally. How do you want to know more about product knowledge? Please stay tuned to our website and we will always provide you with information about the products….

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