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March 18, 2019
How to dismantle the 1061 differential assembly repair
April 17, 2019

differential reducer assembly can improve the safety factor of the car

There are a lot of auto parts, and both the size and the accessories play a very important role in our car. If it is missing, it will cause trouble for our car. The total achievement of the reducer is that we introduce it to you today. A car accessory, then do we know what it does?
With the continuous development of our automotive industry, cars are used in every household in our homes. The car has brought great convenience to our travel, and the total achievement of the reducer is commonly used in the deceleration system of our modern car. The reduction ratio has a greater impact on the vehicle’s power performance and fuel economy. In general, the larger the main reduction ratio, the higher the acceleration performance and the climbing ability, and the lower the fuel economy. However, if it is too large, the full power of the engine cannot be used to achieve the desired speed. The smaller the main reduction ratio, the higher the vehicle speed, the better fuel economy, but the lower the acceleration and climbing ability. Most cars use geared final drives, including basic spur gears, better helical gears, and better involute gears. On our common front-wheel drive vehicles, the final drive consists of a pair of spur gears. For diesel-type vehicles, the main reduction ratio is chosen to be smaller.
The above content is our introduction to the relevant knowledge of the differential reducer assembly. As an automobile accessory mainly produced by our company, the effect is very obvious, which brings great convenience to our car. If you are interested in our products, you can always call our hotline.

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