Automotive Parts Rear Axle Differential Assy For Japanese Car Land Cruiser 9/41Ratio
February 11, 2021
Differential 11X43 28T 9X43 25T 8 holes Differential Gears Used For WULING N300 Differential Gear
February 11, 2021

27T 29T Spline Teeth Full Set Rear Axle Drivetrain Assembly Differential For TOYOTA

Product Name
Professional Quality Test Rear Axle Differential ForToyota
Differential case,Differential flange part,Crown and Pinion,Small differential,Bearings
Speed ratio differentiao
8*39 9*41 10*41 10*43 11*43 12*43
Spline teeth of the pinion differential
27T 29T
OEM:41110-35222 41110-3D260 41110-3D261 41110-26440 41110-26430 41110-26431 41110-26440 41110-26441 41110-60670

Size of the crown and pinion differential
Outer diameter of the ring gear 204mm
inner diameter of the ring gear 126mm
Length of the pinion 215mm
Material of the crown and pinion differential
Right hand
Axle spline teeth differential
Net weight
Gross weight
Material of differential case
Nodular Cast Iron
Parallel distance of the flange holes

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